Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DiY Projects & Whole Food Recipes

Hey friends,
If you have not yet heard or have just not had time to check out the new blog, let me invite you to do so. :)
I am now blogging at Circles Of Sunshine. I share the posts with my buddy, Daspri.
We post daily during the week and sometimes a random Saturday post may pop up too.

We are trying lots of new DiY projects and sharing them with you! I am also sharing about my health journey and whole/raw food eating; lots of new, healthy and delicious recipes.
Please check us out and don't stop there, become a follower of the new blog too.

We would LOVE to have you join us in the DiY fun!
Thank for stopping by and reading,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handmade Vintage Baby Shower Ideas (new blog)

Hello Friends!
Just in case you missed my last post,  I am posting with a friend on a new blog that we have created! Thank you so much to those who have followed this blog and have left sweet and encouraging comments along the way. I truly appreciate you!
Please take a minute to come check out the new blog and to become a "follower" too. You can now find me at Circles of Sunshine. My post from yesterday featured a vintage inspired baby shower with lots of handmade ideas. 
We are posting lots of of fun and easy DIY projects, decorating ideas, delicious recipes, and party ideas too!
On Fridays, you can check out our series, Rays Of Sunshine. Each Friday, we will have a guest post from different women from various walks of life and they will share a glimpse into a typical day in their life.

Thanks again and head on over to Circles of Sunshine!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Exciting Changes

Hey everyone!
Thank you so much for visiting my little blog. I wanted to share some exciting changes.
I will no longer be blogging here at Teapots and Robots. I WILL, however, be blogging at Circles of Sunshine.
My friend and I (who is also my sister in law) have begun this journey together. We are super excited to share a little bit about our lives with you and a lot of fun, DIY projects! We will have a little of everything!
Please go check it out, follow us and pass it along!

Thanks for reading and for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy May & Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May is here!  Actually, I cannot believe that it is already May.  The time is flying by! Everyone always says that and I seem to always here that from sweet elderly folk when I go to the store with my whole crew (4 kiddos). But it is true!

I hope to savor each day and really be present, heart, soul, and mind in everything; every situation and with every person placed in my path.    This is so much harder than I want it to be. It is so easy for me to get distracted with the many demands and responsibilities of my day. I think this is a constant struggle for mothers.

Thankfully, I am constantly reminded that I simply cannot do it all and I certainly cannot do any of it alone. Now, I know at first glance, this may not seem like something to be thankful for and might even seem a bit discouraging.  But this is what keeps me going. The fact that I cannot do it, in and of myself, is like a weight lifted from me. No, it's like someone called off the HUGE elephant that was sitting on me!

I cannot do it, but God can do it through me.  I am not meant to live and walk in defeat.....of anything because through the blood of Jesus Christ, I already have the victory.  
I realize that I can do nothing apart from Christ nor do I ever want to because without Him, I just mess things up.  But with Him, I can do all things. It is He that gives me strength, hope, love and most importantly, forgiveness.  

You see, as a mother, I see how selfish my heart really is and can be. I adore my children. They are such blessings to me, but even with as much love as I have for them, without Christ, I am not capable of loving them in a selfless way. Being a mother is the hardest job I have ever had by far. It is demanding and 24/7 and not at all about me! However, it is also the most rewarding job that I have ever had and ever will far!

The demands of a mother's day and life are often too much for one person to fulfill so many mothers often feel like they are failing and feel a great deal of condemnation.  So, realizing that it is not about me and that I cannot do it all on my own is a great relief! 

You see, I have hope and I trust that God will not give me more than I can handle. I trust and believe that He has given me everything that I need. He has gone before me and equipped me to be the mother that I need to be.  I simply have to look to Him in all things. I have to trust Him.  I have to believe that He will do what He promises. I do believe this. I believe that in Him and through Him, my life has purpose and it is so much greater than what I see with my physical eyes. I have to do all things unto Him and for His glory, because that is why I am here. Every task that we as mothers can do with our eyes closed because we do them so much throughout our days; let's do them with our eyes open and set upon Jesus.

My God is amazing because He not only forgives, which is more than enough, but He also loves His children with a love that pours out grace and mercy and blessings that we do not and will never deserve. He cares about every aspect of our day and our days here are so much better when we take our eyes off of our circumstances and set them upon Him.

I actually did not intend on writing all of this today but I believe there is a reason and purpose for this too, so I hope that this brings encouragement to you today.

I wanted to share two new listings in my Etsy shop.  These would make great Mother's Day gifts! And if you order this week, then it can still make it to you in time.  And.....I have coupons! Use these coupon codes: *HAPPYMAY* and receive 20% off any item purchased in my shop NOT in the Love and Hope collections.  Use *LOVETOGIVE* and receive FREE shipping on any item in the LOVE and HOPE Collections.

I have made several of these for gifts over the past 2 yrs and am now offering them in my shop! Check out the listing for more details.

This is the Sparrow Family necklace. Check out the listing for more details.

Enjoy and Happy May!!!!


Friday, April 13, 2012

HAPPY Friday & Free Shipping!

It's Friday and I am alive and well to live another day! That is something to be happy about.
As if that is not enough, here is something else to be happy about, FREE shipping! Use the coupon code "CelebratingSpring" today and tomorrow in my shop and get FREE shipping!
Have a happy Friday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life, New Directions and Terraniums!

So, it's been a while since I have taken part in the blogging world, but I am back. Did you notice the new look? Marbles just make me happy!

Life has been crazy, but oh so good. Hence my favorite way to answer that age old question of "how are you? or how are things going?"....."Life is crazy good!" We are so enjoying our newest addition to the family, and yet he is already 15 mo old! Now, THAT is crazy! We are also enjoying a nice spring break from school and some amazing cool spring weather this week.

The Teapots and Robots etsy shop is once again alive and running, which is exciting! However, the most exciting part is the new direction it has taken.  

Let me briefly fill you in.
After the local store where I sold my pieces closed their doors and taking a break from my etsy shop, I began thinking and praying about what I should do and how I should go about it. I LOVE to create things and even more than that, I LOVE to create things for people to enjoy. I have always kind of struggled with how to price my creations, with selling them, and especially with selling them to people I know....I am not at all good at that because I would much rather just give them away!  I want the things I create to be affordable for someone like me to be able to buy and enjoy. I want there to be purpose in what I make and I want to be able to use whatever abilities I may have to help others and ultimately, to glorify God.
To make a long story short, I feel like God very clearly and lovingly answered my questions and my prayers.

I was listening to the testimony of Katie Davis (founder of Amazima Ministries) online one day and something she said really struck me and has stuck with me. She shared that God spoke this to her, "Be faithful to what I have placed before you (in front of you) and I will be faithful (take care of) in the rest."
Sometimes I begin to feel so very overwhelmed with all of the great, distressing, and heart breaking needs around the world and even right here where I live, that I simply become frustrated, feeling as though there is nothing I can do because I can't help everyone like I want to.  

From the moment I heard that, I feel like God began showing me just a glimpse of what He is going to do. The amount that I can help and give will still be very small in comparison to the need, but every little bit helps and I 
am being faithful to what is before me, by God's grace.

There are three new collections that I am currently working on: The LOVE Collection, HOPE Collection, and GRACE Collection.  Each collection was created for a specific ministry/non-profit and 100% of the purchases from those collections will go directly to that ministry/non-profit.  Every thing else in shop that is not in a collection has a purpose too. All of the proceeds from those sales will help fund the materials needed to keep creating pieces for the collections. There will be new and different pieces added throughout. Each piece will be unique and have a message behind it.
The LOVE Collection was created for Amazima Ministries . The HOPE Collection was created for City of Hope Outreach. And the GRACE Collection was created for Grace for Nepal. More to come on these amazing ministries later!
I am so excited about this! The LOVE & HOPE Collection have a few pieces in them with more to come soon and the GRACE Collection is currently being designed. Check it out here and let me know what you think.

Now, for a quick, fun and refreshing craft of sorts! Because I always need that!

I love having real plants in my home but am also a bit leery of having them with a little one that like to eat everything right now! So, this is the perfect solution and just lots of fun because it allows for some creativity too.

And they look pretty on my table.
So, you wanna know how to make one? Of course you do!
Here are the materials we used:
-glass vases from Dollar Tree
-small decorative pebbles/rocks from Dollar Tree
-potting soil
-indoor plants from Lowes
-miniature items from the doll house section at Hobby Lobby

the total cost for each terranium was about $5!

You simply put your pebbles in first, then your soil, your plant, and your creative touches!
We broke off some of the soil attached to the bottom of our plants (before we planted them) so they were not so tall.
My kids had a great time and now we think we need one for every room, or two, or three....


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Baby Love! (handmade baby shower ideas)

As I began looking back on some of my older posts, I realized that most of them are about baby showers! It's crazy, but crazy good!  What a blessing to be able to take part in the celebration of so many wonderful little blessings!

I love a good celebration...and if I get to throw it and decorate for it, then I am one happy lady!

I had a lot of fun putting together this baby shower for several reasons.  As I said above, I love to throw parties and celebrate.  But I REALLY love when I have the honor of celebrating the anticipated arrival of one of my own niece's and nephew' this case, my sweet little nephew. It was so much fun to do this for my sister in law and what made it even sweeter.....I got to plan and put this baby shower together with my mom.

So the decor of this shower was based around these cute little bird napkins that I stumbled upon at Pier 1. My mom made the adorable diaper cake and then took it a step further by cutting out the little birds from one of the napkins and giving them cute little bird legs using colored tooth picks! That diaper cake is seriously cute!

The personalized initials on the mason jar vases.....can you guess what they are made from? Caramel latte anyone? 
I used coffee sleeves from Starbucks! Before anyone gets the wrong idea, let me point out that I paid for every one of them.  I have been saving my coffee sleeves when I get to treat myself to their yummy coffee because I realized that when turned inside out, they have this wonderful texture and natural look to them.  They are perfect for many of my crazy, crafty ideas!

I added a few more coffee sleeves in the mix to make some  cute "sweet baby" vases for our coffee bar area.  We had a brunch shower so our menu consisted of: mini muffins, fresh fruit, various kinds of bagels and cream cheese, spinach quiche, and of course, cupcakes!  We had a coffee bar area complete with flavored creamer and dark chocolate flavored stir sticks.  And we also had ice water and fruit infused iced tea.

I love making things that can be used as decoration but can also be sent home with your guest of honor as a little extra gift too!  I simply bought a chipboard "E" from Hobby Lobby and traced it onto some fun scrapbook paper. Then I cut it out and using Mod Podge, applied it to my chip board letter.  Next, I applied another thin layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it.  And last, I used my hot glue gun (i love my glue gun!) to add a ribbon to the back.  It would be cute just hanging on the wall, but I had this frame with no glass (because it got broken) just lying around and thought it would look great showcasing the letter "E"!

Don't you just love those little birds?! And by "those little birds", I mean, all of those cute little birds that you see on everything these days! I am such a sucker for them!
Okay, so here we have some homemade banners, which I really enjoy making.  For these, I used the natural note cards from Hobby Lobby.  They come in a package of 50 with 50 envelopes too.  The already have a crease in the middle of them to fold for making a card.  However, I use this crease as a guide to cut them in half and use them to make these banners. I basically layer them with different colors and patterns of scrapbook papers.  I used alphabet stamps to stamp out "celebrate" and "baby ethan."  Then I used my stamp pad to "dirty" up the edges of my paper, punched holes in the top corners and added some ribbon. Voila!

And last but not least, use special items as part of your decor anytime you can. 

Make it personal...which makes it special.